Suppressed/Deleted on 13th October 16

This comment was placed at  near the end of life of the article (As the Spirit of Enoch Powell Presides Over England, Scotland Must Leave the Union Now ).  The comment was  posted in the morning short while after which this too was deleted;

FAO Whistle-blower and transparency advocate!

Please end the practice of targeted culling/deletion/suppression of comments on your blog!

Given the vicious attacks of certain members of a known group of posters that have been left to freely and viciously to attack other contributors; as in this comment **, and another example *!

Further given the disproportionate numbers of bigoted and racists comments that are skewing any credible and broad representation of the spectrum of opinions.

This is unbecoming of this blog to become yet another comments section for DM bigots and right wing nuts, far right nuts! Fact that the “spam” filtration will not even allow reference to the political affiliations of a foreign vicious entity, whilst those affiliated to it are masquerading as the English nationalists, and clearly contravening your own stated rules of the blog. Is this not about time to review the moderation policies of this blog?

PS I would suggest to other contributors whose comments are selectively culled/deleted/suppressed by the agents sympathetic to the cause of the far right wing nuts to keep a local copy and post on the link provided by this comment.


** Strangely after the deletion of the above comment, the first link stated  is to nowhere, as the vile comments of an entity calling itself alcyone, that is a reincarnation of a banned entity known as villager (a foul mouthed entity) that is attacking a contributor  identified as Ruth and calling her;  a “bimbo” and  “inviting her to identify herself so that she can be judged” has been deleted.  This comment had stayed put for the duration of the time up until publication of the above, that makes it good few days.

*Even more strange is the sanitisation of the insults, in the second link, as it is still in    place and in a wholly rewritten format, with the distinct absence of “another immigrant”, and “Fedupthickassawsshit”.  This calls for screen shots of the transactions on the comments section of Craig’s blog.


It is a curious case; that only a moderator or someone with access to comments pages could have carried out the changes.  Have these changes taken place with acknowledgement of the blog owner?