Suppressed on 12th Oct 16

The following comment was in response to the remarks of a known entity whose zionist sympathies and racist bigoted attitudes are thoroughly plastered around Craig’s blog, and it started with; “Fedupthickassowsshit-” ;

Insults galore that evidently the friendly and sympathetic to the cause moderator seems to overlook and bend the rules as it is evident in the other cases too, effectively giving the “chosen warriors” carte blanche to carry on the good fight, insulting spitting on the unsavoury entities that ought to get lost and not to turn up on this “free” blog!

However to find a single source web site that is registered in Cayman Islands and spews first hand rubbish with no substantiations, all the while jumping into conclusions because the assailant spoke broken English, and was Swarthy looking then he ought to have been another immigrant!!!!

This is the level of the intellect that is being welcomed in this “free” blog these days!!!!

Wow dazzling, and informed racists and right wing nuts putting their cogent arguments forward, the blog owner ought to be proud to provide a platform for such specimens indeed!

Given the assumptions and the racist undertones that is going unchallenged the cleverest boys in the room of course are forcing the issue that no one stopped to help the victim aside.  Also pushed aside are the fact that the assailant may have been adding insult to injury by imitating a foreigner with limited English! The ginger white accomplice with a short hair cut read skin head, would not be taking to befriend an immigrant does not cross the addled brains of the blind racists who are missing the issues and are busy pursuing their policy of:

segregation today!

segregation tomorrow!

segregation forever!



The above comment had a short life and was deleted, evidently any challenge to the world view of the right wing nuts is verboten!