Remit of this blog

Although I have much respect for Craig Murray.  Alas his choice of moderators with their haphazard moderation practices, that are largely based on the whimsical and quixotic “rules” that Craig  keeps  revising dependent on the mood and convenience.  In addition to the bias and imperatives of the said moderators, have finally compelled me into setting up this place to offer the deleted contributions of “undesirable” participants on Craig’s blog  a place on the web.

The reason for Craig’s decision of course is entirely up to him, but in his haste for acceptability/respectability, I fear he may have decided to take a neo blogger route;  by cow towing to the imperatives of some of his perceived peer groups whom have derided his blog’s contributors.  It is his personal choice and I respect that, however that does not mean that I will sit back and take it quietly while my comments, and others  are deleted in the face of certain evidently “chosen” others’ whose comments despite being clearly in violation of the “rules” that have been set in place, remaining in place.

I must clarify that this site is not for the deleted comments of  any of the zionist scum bags that manifestly  have over taken Craig’s blog, and in conjunction with the  moderation practices have  effectively stifled any meaningful debate of any kind.  furthermore I must point out that any zionist intent on using this site will be unceremoniously stopped and their replies will be deleted duly, this policy also extends to the “self immolating” contributions of the said zionists who take on a profile of a “skinhead/right wing nut/etc. engaging in attacking Jews as per the standard practices of  zionist keyboard warrior brigades operating on the web.

Hasbara helpers

Those other contributors wishing to take duplicates of their replies and  posting those here are welcome to do so.  It is hoped that  giving these contributors an opportunity to develop their lines of debate and examine  the merits of the point as the discussion develops further.