Suppressed/Deleted on 13th October 16

This comment was placed at  near the end of life of the article (As the Spirit of Enoch Powell Presides Over England, Scotland Must Leave the Union Now ).  The comment was  posted in the morning short while after which this too was deleted;

FAO Whistle-blower and transparency advocate!

Please end the practice of targeted culling/deletion/suppression of comments on your blog!

Given the vicious attacks of certain members of a known group of posters that have been left to freely and viciously to attack other contributors; as in this comment **, and another example *!

Further given the disproportionate numbers of bigoted and racists comments that are skewing any credible and broad representation of the spectrum of opinions.

This is unbecoming of this blog to become yet another comments section for DM bigots and right wing nuts, far right nuts! Fact that the “spam” filtration will not even allow reference to the political affiliations of a foreign vicious entity, whilst those affiliated to it are masquerading as the English nationalists, and clearly contravening your own stated rules of the blog. Is this not about time to review the moderation policies of this blog?

PS I would suggest to other contributors whose comments are selectively culled/deleted/suppressed by the agents sympathetic to the cause of the far right wing nuts to keep a local copy and post on the link provided by this comment.


** Strangely after the deletion of the above comment, the first link stated  is to nowhere, as the vile comments of an entity calling itself alcyone, that is a reincarnation of a banned entity known as villager (a foul mouthed entity) that is attacking a contributor  identified as Ruth and calling her;  a “bimbo” and  “inviting her to identify herself so that she can be judged” has been deleted.  This comment had stayed put for the duration of the time up until publication of the above, that makes it good few days.

*Even more strange is the sanitisation of the insults, in the second link, as it is still in    place and in a wholly rewritten format, with the distinct absence of “another immigrant”, and “Fedupthickassawsshit”.  This calls for screen shots of the transactions on the comments section of Craig’s blog.


It is a curious case; that only a moderator or someone with access to comments pages could have carried out the changes.  Have these changes taken place with acknowledgement of the blog owner?



Suppressed on 12th Oct 16

The following comment was in response to the remarks of a known entity whose zionist sympathies and racist bigoted attitudes are thoroughly plastered around Craig’s blog, and it started with; “Fedupthickassowsshit-” ;

Insults galore that evidently the friendly and sympathetic to the cause moderator seems to overlook and bend the rules as it is evident in the other cases too, effectively giving the “chosen warriors” carte blanche to carry on the good fight, insulting spitting on the unsavoury entities that ought to get lost and not to turn up on this “free” blog!

However to find a single source web site that is registered in Cayman Islands and spews first hand rubbish with no substantiations, all the while jumping into conclusions because the assailant spoke broken English, and was Swarthy looking then he ought to have been another immigrant!!!!

This is the level of the intellect that is being welcomed in this “free” blog these days!!!!

Wow dazzling, and informed racists and right wing nuts putting their cogent arguments forward, the blog owner ought to be proud to provide a platform for such specimens indeed!

Given the assumptions and the racist undertones that is going unchallenged the cleverest boys in the room of course are forcing the issue that no one stopped to help the victim aside.  Also pushed aside are the fact that the assailant may have been adding insult to injury by imitating a foreigner with limited English! The ginger white accomplice with a short hair cut read skin head, would not be taking to befriend an immigrant does not cross the addled brains of the blind racists who are missing the issues and are busy pursuing their policy of:

segregation today!

segregation tomorrow!

segregation forever!



The above comment had a short life and was deleted, evidently any challenge to the world view of the right wing nuts is verboten!



Remit of this blog

Although I have much respect for Craig Murray.  Alas his choice of moderators with their haphazard moderation practices, that are largely based on the whimsical and quixotic “rules” that Craig  keeps  revising dependent on the mood and convenience.  In addition to the bias and imperatives of the said moderators, have finally compelled me into setting up this place to offer the deleted contributions of “undesirable” participants on Craig’s blog  a place on the web.

The reason for Craig’s decision of course is entirely up to him, but in his haste for acceptability/respectability, I fear he may have decided to take a neo blogger route;  by cow towing to the imperatives of some of his perceived peer groups whom have derided his blog’s contributors.  It is his personal choice and I respect that, however that does not mean that I will sit back and take it quietly while my comments, and others  are deleted in the face of certain evidently “chosen” others’ whose comments despite being clearly in violation of the “rules” that have been set in place, remaining in place.

I must clarify that this site is not for the deleted comments of  any of the zionist scum bags that manifestly  have over taken Craig’s blog, and in conjunction with the  moderation practices have  effectively stifled any meaningful debate of any kind.  furthermore I must point out that any zionist intent on using this site will be unceremoniously stopped and their replies will be deleted duly, this policy also extends to the “self immolating” contributions of the said zionists who take on a profile of a “skinhead/right wing nut/etc. engaging in attacking Jews as per the standard practices of  zionist keyboard warrior brigades operating on the web.

Hasbara helpers

Those other contributors wishing to take duplicates of their replies and  posting those here are welcome to do so.  It is hoped that  giving these contributors an opportunity to develop their lines of debate and examine  the merits of the point as the discussion develops further.